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  • The Congregation Gallery Presents
    The 8th Deadly Sin Art Show

    Saturday March 13th
    Doors Open At 9:00pm 
    The Congregation Gallery | 7569 Melrose, Los Angeles CA 90046

    The seven deadly sins are most commonly known as: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride. When these sins become violated, one's mortal soul was in jeopardy of being lost forever. But what is the 8th... Apathy? Corruption? Cannibalism? On March 13th, The Congregation Gallery is hosting the 8th Deadly Sin Art Show, where artists from around the world will ask the question...

    "What is the 8th Deadly Sin?"
    We look forward to seeing you there,

    -The Congregation Gallery

    Participating Artists:
    Christopher Conte, Thomas Pendelton, Erick De La Vega, Vince Locke, Gris Grimly, Aunia Kahn, Adam Bloom, Samson Martinez, Craig Edmunds, Patrick Deignan, Bruce D Mitchell, David Magitis, Steve Rodgers, Norbert Gladis, Ian Ward, David Richardson, Crystal Barbre, Amanda Santana, Dan Harding, SkullMaster, Clown, Elizabeth McGhee, Louis Fleischauer, Link Bossman, Lloyd Matthews, Chris Tianto, Cliff Wallace, Dean Fleming, Tatomir, Cameron Miller, Beth Robinson, Tony Cupstid, Will Dose Eckies, Mathew Delamort, Heidi Calvert, Brian Smith, Christine Blu Ashton.


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