Tatomir Pitariu is an artist with afascinating backstory that has heavily influenced his work. 
Born and raised in the scenic town of Sibiu (Hermanstadt), Romania, Tatomir enjoyed a childhood filled with imaginative daydreams of mythical creatures roaming the dark, Transylvanian forests. He has managed to incorporate this magical, otherworldly element into his works even now, despite living in bustling Los Angeles. Tatomir’s creations are often dark and unsettling, but they are also filled with an undeniable joy that adds a unique thrill to his pieces.
He began with drawing as his primary art form, but in 2008 he ventured into the world of painting with his first oil creation, “St. Sylvan”. The piece was presented as part of the “Forgotten Saints” Group Show at The Congregation Gallery in Hollywood. Since then, his work has been showcased in galleries all over the US, including the impressive likes of Black Vulture, Lethal Amounts, Copro, Gallery 30South, The Hive, Opiate Gallery, Revolution Gallery, and La Bodega Gallery. He also had a solo event, “Transilvanicon”, in December of 2010, which was staged at the Hyaena Gallery in Burbank. Here, Tatomir presented his personal stories of the magic creatures and ancient rituals from his roots. A year later, in October of 2011, he had another solo exhibition titled “Helements.” This exhibit was a beautiful blend of Greek mythology and alchemy at The Congregation Gallery.
Presently, he has returned to his preferred medium, drawing, and is showing his art in local and global group shows while preparing for his next solo endeavor.